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With Jen Little and

The Little Marketing Department you get the services of 4 to 5+ positions you don't have to hire, but can affordably access.  

A few of those positions are shown in this graphic:

Little things can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. Scoring valuable media coverage from a press release, engaging with customers on social media, and keeping your website fresh with regular updates are all small tasks that can have a huge impact. But if you never have the time to do them, you will never reap the rewards.
The Little Marketing Department offers on-demand marketing services for small and mid-size companies. Too often small businesses struggle with their marketing tasks because they don’t have the resources to add a full-time marketer to their staff and big marketing firms don’t understand the unique challenges small businesses face. With a “concierge” style of service we cater to your needs and work with you to get your small business the attention it deserves. No long-term contracts and convenient weekly rates keep the process simple.


  • New and Rebranding

  • Logos

  • Social Media Setup, Management and Training

  • Design of Websites

  • Website updates

  • Brochures, Rack Cards, Business Cards, etc.

  • Ad Design & Coordination

  • Business Development and Marketing Meetings

  • Press Releases

  • Press/Media Kits

  • Media Plans for Advertising and PR

  • Coordination of Advertising Campaigns

  • Research

  • Nonprofit Consulting

  • Political Consulting



Our clients love the concierge nature of the marketing services we furnish.  


No two businesses are alike, and The Little Marketing Department will do all we can to set you apart from your competitions. 


Under the heading "Marketing Services” you will see many services offered.  But not every client needs all of those services. Many clients of The Little Marketing Department couldn't afford all of those services.   In fact, many of the small businesses and nonprofits wouldn't be able to afford a marketing consultant if not for The Little Marketing Department.


Concierge style marketing works like this...

There is a free initial consultation for all clients, then from that meeting a plan is devised for the client based on budgets, industry, and the needs of the client's customers or clients. From there we back our strategy into our budget and identify the best marketing investments for that client.   This allows even the smallest of businesses to have the opportunity to market their goods or services.


Moving forward, depending on how we devised the budget or tasks, we will have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings to discuss progress.  Some projects are long term, some are short term, but at the end of the day clients of The Little Marketing Department gain access to the professional services they need for their business or nonprofit.



The Little Marketing Department is your affordable social media expert. 

Social media accounts are a must.  They should be updated several times a week.  The platforms and algorithms are always changing, however small business owners can't keep up with that and manage their business.  That's why we exist.  


Unfortunately too many small businesses are not taking advantage of the opportunities social media provides.


Sometimes small businesses owners just don't have the time to post to social media.  That's where The Little Marketing Department can help.

We create content customized to reach your current and future clients, and share the story of your business.  The secret to social media is good content, but when you have already worked 10 hours, entered your invoices into QuickBooks and want to spend some time with the family, creative is difficult. Let us take this off your plate.  We read all the articles about algorithm changes, new ad requirements, changes in posting sizes and new platforms on the horizon and we are ready.


We also know that well targeted ads on social media can help you directly reach your future clients or customers.  This is all customized for your business' unique needs, reaching people you know will buy your product or service.

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